New Shadowrun Words Are Waiting for You!

May 8, 2020
Reality keeps trying to out-dystopia Shadowrun, but we here at Shadowrun Central aren’t quitters! We’re hard at work making the Sixth World both bleaker and more fun than reality, and new words are coming your way for your reading and gaming enjoyment! First, in the gaming category we have the new PDF, Age of Rust (Catalyst store, DriveThruRPG). This book …

30 Nights Ready to Provide Days’ Worth of Adventure

May 1, 2020
With the plot book Cutting Black released and available,the first campaign book for Shadowrun, Sixth World, entitled 30 Nights (Catalyst store), is ready to help you set up a whole string of adventures! Building off some of the plot elements of Cutting Black, the book takes you to Toronto, where the power is out and the streets are getting deadlier …

Now Available – The Shadowrun Activity Book in PDF

March 26, 2020
Hotly anticipated by Shadowrunners of all stripes and beleaguered parents everywhere, we’re proud to release the Shadowrun Activity Book as a pay-what-you-wish PDF ( CGL Webstore // DTRPG ) The book will be available in print-on-demand hard copy in the near future; it’s winding its way through the POD process now. This 56-page coloring and activity book will provide hours of fun, showcasing art from Shadowrun Sixth …

Catalyst Game Labs Offers Support, Discounts During COVID-19 Pandemic

March 25, 2020
Greetings, The entire world is struggling with the ramifications of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Family and friends who may be sick. Struggling businesses. Self-isolation.  On behalf of everyone at Catalyst Game Labs, our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the outbreak. As a virtual company Catalyst continues to operate fairly normally. We have game lines requiring our …

The Shadowrun, Sixth World Pipeline Flows!

December 30, 2019
We know that Shadowrun, Sixth World content has not flowed as quickly as we wanted it to once the core book hit stores in early October, but we’re really excited to set players on a whole bunch of new adventures, with world-shaking consequences! More books are on their way to various stores and outlets, so here’s a quick rundown of …

Shadowrun, Sixth World PDF and Pre-Order Are Here!

August 26, 2019
The latest edition of Shadowrun is now available to everyone! With faster, streamlined gameplay and new twists on the rules, it offers a different way to dive into the shadows while still providing tons of gameplay options and the large handfuls of D6s that have always been a part of Shadowrun. You can buy the PDF and pre-order the print …

Shadowrun, Sixth World PDF Release Coming Soon!

August 24, 2019
We told you recently that we were working on all the moving parts needed to get the PDF of Shadowrun, Sixth World released, and that work has happened! That means the release of SR6 in PDF form will happen on Monday, August 26. Pre-orders will also start then at Look for a more detailed announcement on Monday!

Shadowrun, Sixth World Release

August 16, 2019
We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the release date for Shadowrun, Sixth World, which is great! We love the enthusiasm! We had been working toward an August release date, but the printing and shipping process did not move forward quickly enough to allow that to happen. The full print run is currently on a ship, moving across the …