New releases today–Sixth World Companion and SRM 09-04 Neo-Tokyo Drift!

May 13, 2022
New Shadowrun books are now available! The first is the Sixth World Companion (Catalyst shop, DriveThru), which provides a ton of new player options for Shadowrun, Sixth World. Here’s the rundown: Dream It, Be It The Sixth World is wild and weird, but it doesn’t have to be wilder or weirder than you. If you can dream it, the Sixth …

Shadowrun preview for the rest of 2022!

May 5, 2022
We sent a bunch of Shadowrun material to print recently, and with a lot of things in the pipeline, it struck us as a good time to run down what kind of releases you can look forward to for the rest of 2022. So without further ado, here’s what’s coming (most of them are listed in order of release): Sixth …

New campaign book, The Third Parallel, looks at all of Shadowrun’s realities

April 15, 2022
Shadowrun is the game where man and machine meet magic, and the new campaign book The Third Parallel (Catalyst store, DriveThruRPG) is about how these different realities run next to each other–and occasionally intersect. Runner teams are familiar with having to watch the meat world, the Matrix, and the manasphere all at the same time, so this isn’t news to …

It’s a Great Day to Visit Shadowrun’s Emerald City! Plus, New Location Cards Available!

March 17, 2022
As many people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with various shades of green, we have a very special green-tinted book–Emerald City (Catalyst shop, DriveThruRPG), the Seattle location book for Shadowrun, Sixth World! With a profile of each of the city’s districts, including notable people and places, and qualities for characters who might come from those areas, this is a critical resource …

Vote for your favorite Shadowrun art for new book!

March 10, 2022
Shadowrun stands on a history of of fantastic, evocative art, and we are bringing some of the best of it into a single book. We are compiling a book of forty of the best pieces of art in Shadowrun’s history, in a format that will let you remove whatever pages you want and hang them on your wall. Each page …

New PDFs to Brighten Your January!

January 21, 2022
It’s January! The Kechibi Code should be appearing in stores, the print edition of Shadowrun, Sixth World, City Edition: Seattle should hit stores next month, and we have two new PDFs for you! First up is the next PDF in the Shadow Stock series, which provides NPCs and other useful rules built around a theme. The PDF is called Lofwyr’s …

Shadowrun releases to suit how you play!

December 14, 2021
We hope all of you reading this will have some relaxation time as the year winds to an end, and we hope that will include gaming! To help you out, we have three Shadowrun releases that cover a variety of ways of playing Shadowrun! First, we have the next plot book for Shadowrun, Sixth World. It’s called The Kechibi Code …

Double Clutch is now out! Have fun, riggers!

October 5, 2021
We did a couple of previews for Double Clutch, the core rigger rulebook for Shadowrun, Sixth World, and now the book is out (Catalyst, DriveThru)! Order in PDF or print, and gain access to a bunch of rigging toys, including vehicle and drone customization, and the ability to build your own vehicles and drones! Here’s the rundown: Jump In In …

New Double Clutch preview! Check out the Esprit Iron Scorpion!

October 1, 2021
The wheels are turning to move us toward the release of the rigger book for Shadowrun, Sixth World! It’s called Double Clutch, and today we’d like to share with you the image and stats for the Esprit Iron Scorpion drone! Check it out, and if you missed our previous preview, check it out here!