Veiled Resin is a totally unique and one-of-a-kind art style, never before seen in the art world. To build his works, artist Steven Michael Bohls combines carefully carved acrylic sheets and inlaid layers of epoxy resin, creating visually stunning art pieces that remain hidden—even from him—until he is ready to unveil them to the world after days of carving, color building, mixing, pouring, and curing.

Steven is also co-author of the Lux novel in the Reckoner series with Brandon Sanderson. In cooperation with Brandon Sanderson’s Dragonsteel Convention, he will showcase the full breadth of his pop-culture-laden art at his booth #341, spanning from Star Wars to Marvel, Taylor Swift to Magic: The Gathering, and more.

Even more exciting, Steven will unveil—to himself and the attendees—several brand-new Veiled Resin​​ pieces, including a large Kaladin: Stormblessed to celebrate Dragonsteel and Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archives. This event will be held at 6PM, in Exhibit Hall 4 of the Salt Palace Convention Center, Monday the 11th, following the Christopher Paolini signing. 

“I couldn’t be more excited to partner with Catalyst Game Labs,” said Steven Michael Bohls. “Inventing and building Veiled Resin has been one of coolest things I’ve ever been able to do, and working with amazing people from amazing companies is a perfect way to bring my art into the world.”

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Catalyst Game Labs is incredibly excited to sponsor Steven and this event. As BattleTech celebrates its fortieth anniversary next year and Shadowrun celebrates its thirty-fifth anniversary, it’s fitting to join this unique endeavor. Art has always been crucial to the war-torn, far-future BattleTech and the man-meets-magic-and-machine Shadowrun experience. Whether in the pages of a roleplaying or tabletop miniatures rulebook, the covers of myriad novels, or the host of computer games, art defines these two great universes.

Large BattleTech and Leviathans Veiled Resin pieces will be on display at Steven’s booth throughout Dragonsteel. What’s more, a large Shadowrun Veiled Resin will be revealed alongside the Kaladin piece! We’ll also be sharing videos on socials of the making of these pieces throughout the weeks remaining until Dragonsteel, starting now.

“This all happened very quickly, as the best things often do. I was standing in line with game designer Jeff Beck at Fan X in SLC last month,” said Randall N. Bills, Creative Director of Catalyst Game Labs. “And we got talking about how much we love Sanderson’s novels, which then led to talking about his friend Steven and his Veiled Resin project. I was so incredibly intrigued, I blew off a family visit the next morning to go over to Steven’s house and was simply floored. And the more we talked, the more I just knew BattleTech and Shadowrun had to be a part of this unique undertaking. A brilliant way to launch the celebration year of these seminal game universes, alongside myriad other pop-culture universes and icons we love. Can’t wait to be at Dragonsteel and watch it all unfold!”

For more information, visit BattleTech, Shadowrun, Veiled Resin and Dragonsteel websites.

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About Steven Michael Bohls

Steven grew up across the U.S., spending his early years in Idaho, Washington, and Georgia. He settled in Utah after high school and began his career as a burgeoning artist in all respects: writing, ceramics, drawing, painting, software engineering, mechanical engineering, and more. 

In 2016, his career focus turned exclusively to writing as his first book, Jed and the Junkyard War, which was picked up and published by Disney. Since then, he has published the book’s sequel—Jed and the Junkyard Rebellion—and authored the best-selling novel Lux, a continuation of Brandon Sanderson’s Reckoners series. He is currently working on a fantasy series of his own, the first book of which is tentatively titled The Rise of Steel.

In 2022, Steven’s focus turned back to art as he randomly bought a giant CNC machine and put it in his garage. Since then, his house has been filled with resin, wood, metal, and anything else you can cut with a CNC machine, and his life has been filled with art. The process used in creating each Veiled Resin piece is the result of a year’s trial-and-error journey that took the art from concept to reality.  With the help of his business partner, Matthew Graff, Veiled Resin is becoming a reality as well.

In his free time between writing books and making art, Steven is firmly entrenched in nerd culture. He loves Magic: The Gathering, Metroidvania-style action-platformer video games, and—evidenced by his art pieces—confidence-crushing games like Hollow Knight, Darkest Dungeon, and Dark Souls

Steven lives in South Jordan, Utah, with his wife Jackie, his two daughters, his two sons, and his irritating Shiba Inu, Icarus. Find out more at