Run like a pro with Shoot Straight!

In any trade, there’s nothing like advice from seasoned pros to help you learn the ropes. Since shadowrunning is a pretty complex trade, it stands to reason that advice from veterans can be even more helpful.

That’s what Shoot Straight (Catalyst shop, DriveThruRPG) is for. Written by runners, for runners, it provides advice on a full range of topics, from knowing how and when to deploy violence to guidance on con jobs to operating in extreme environments. If you want to know how the pros do it–and if you want a ton of good examples and stories to boot–this is the book for you! Here’s a little more info:


You know the basic advice—shoot straight, conserve ammo, etc.—but that’s far from the only things runners need to know. How to you get into where you’re not supposed to be? How to you stay unseen in spots with a thousand eyes watching? And how do you break the law regularly without being caught?

Shoot Straight provides runner-to-runner advice in a range of areas, from covert ops to con games to making sure you don’t blow your big score in one place. Anyone who wants to survive and thrive in the shadows could benefit from the advice—and plot ideas—this book holds.

Shoot Straight is a Runner Resource book for Shadowrun, Sixth World.