So much Shadowrun goodness out today! Peruse it all!

Summer is here and the stars have aligned to release a host of new Shadowrun products! So without delay, let’s look at what’s available!

First up is the augmentation book for Shadowrun, Sixth World, called Body Shop (Catalyst shop, DriveThru). Whatever tech you want to add to runner, it’s in here. Here’s the rundown:

Build a Better You

You sculpt your body the same way you sculpt marble—cut away all the wrong parts until what you are left with is purely, utterly you. You, but faster. You, but stronger. You, but smarter.

If you’re going to take on the powers of the Sixth World, you will need to be every bit of yourself that you can muster. Cyberware, bioware, geneware, and more can help you build the self you need to rise to the occasion and be the person who can withstand whatever the world throws at you.

Body Shop is the core augmentation rulebook for Shadowrun, Sixth World.


Accompanying Body Shop is a deck full of augmentations we’re calling the Cyber Deck (Catalyst shop). Here are the details:

Enhance & Upgrade

What does your body need? A boost of speed? A new look? Different ways of seeing the world? All these options and more are in this deck, which provides basic game information for augmentations taken from Body Shop. Grab this reference for easy tracking of essential gear!

The Cyber Deck is for use with Shadowrun, Sixth World.


Next up we have a new ebook focused on shifters called Bestial Nature (Catalyst shop, DriveThru). Here’s what it has:

The Animal Within

Metahumanity is great, but what if they could do more? What if they could breathe water like a fish, balance like a cat, or pound things like a gorilla? Shifters know the answer to those questions, because they do those things. Manifesting animal traits, shifters have a range of powers, appearances, and weaknesses, making them a fascinating part of the shadows.

Bestial Nature has rules for shifters for use with Shadowrun, Sixth World, providing qualities, gear, character creation rules, and more to use in your game. Get this book and unleash the beast within!


Finally, we have the latest Shadowrun Mission available! Neo-Tokyo beckons for SRM 10-04, called Get Bento (Catalyst shop, DriveThru). If you’re ready to take on the job, here’s what you’ll be getting into:

The Bullet of Shame

The beauty of Neo-Tokyo is, you don’t have to physically hurt someone to really damage them. The power of shame and social standing is so great that sometimes presenting the right facts in the right situation (or wrong situation, depending on your perspective) is enough to ruin someone. It requires more finesse than just filling a room with bullets, but isn’t that the mark of a good shadowrunner—delivering a blow without ever getting in the line of fire?

SRM 10-04 Get Bento is the latest in the Neo-Tokyo series of Missions, challenging the players to manipulate the social setting of the sprawl to achieve their goals. This can come with some chaos—the better the runners’ imaginations, the more chaos they can generate!