Whisper Nets out now! Intrigue in Manhattan!

The newest campaign book for Shadowrun, Sixth World is available now (Catalyst store, DriveThruRPG)! It’s called Whisper Nets, and it takes runners on a whirlwind tour of Manhattan uncovering corporate secrets and trying to stay a step ahead of the people who want those secrets to stay hidden! Here’s some info:

It’s What You Know

Powerful financiers have been sent to prison for sending inside information to investment bankers so they could trade based on things they weren’t supposed to know. Government officials have resigned because the answer to the question “What did they know and when did they know it” turned out to be bad for them.

Information is power, and lately the Sixth World has been full of juicy secrets. In this campaign, runners will be called to the corporate capital of Manhattan to uncover some hidden information and then see how they can extract the most value out of it—without drawing too large of a target on their backs.

Whisper Nets is a campaign book for use with Shadowrun, Sixth World.