Metaplanar guide and two new card decks release for Shadowrun!

New Shadowrun goodies have hit the streets in the form of a new book and two new card decks–the book is Astral Ways, and the card decks are the Program Deck and Rogue’s Lineup! Here are more details on each one.

First up is Astral Ways (Catalyst shop, DriveThru RPG). The metaplanes are wild places, and activity there has been on the rise. Shadowrunners will have lots of opportunities to explore them and see a side of running they might not have experienced before:

Explorers Needed

Do you have heart? Courage? The ability to remain unfazed in the face of the incredibly bizarre? Then the metaplanes are waiting for you.

Gateways to different metaplanes have appeared across the Sixth World, opening travel to a wider range of people than before. That means there are more chances to encounter strange spirits, weird artifacts, and other people exploring what is out there. Intrepid runners might be able to uncover clues to some of the deeper mysteries bedeviling the Sixth World.

With vivid descriptions and details on a variety of metaplanes, as well as advice on exploring them, Astral Ways is an exciting metaplanar setting book for Shadowrun, Sixth World.


Next up is the Program Deck. Hack & Slash introduced new programs for hackers of all stripes to use, and this deck collects programs from that book and the core Shadowrun, Sixth World rulebook for easy reference!

Load ’Em Up

Deckers rely on their wits and skills, but a screaming-fast machine with choice programs loaded doesn’t hurt. The Program Deck has info on more than 40 different programs for deckers, including basic programs, hacking programs, and commlink apps, providing key reference details for the decker on the go.

The Program Deck is for use with Shadowrun, Sixth World

Programdeckcard 1

Finally, we have the Rogues Lineup. Like it’s predecessor, the Rogues’ Gallery, this deck collects a bunch of Shadowrun characters with compact stat blocks that can be used by players and gamemasters alike. Need to use a quick pre-generated character when you play? Need an NPC to throw in any situation? This deck has options, with the necessary information in easy-to-access form!

All Lined Up

You come across plenty of characters in the shadows, with a range of experience in their past. They can be useful in ways you might not expect, so broaden your horizons, get to know them, and discover what’s possible.

Rogues Lineup contains 40 characters spanning a range of metatypes, archetypes, and abilities. Whether you need a quick NPC to drop into a game or want to use them as pre-generated player characters, this deck is ready!

Rogues Lineup is for use with Shadowrun, Sixth World.

Roguelineupcard 1