Shadowrun Quick Start Rules Come to Roll20

Do you want to try the latest Shadowrun ruleset on the biggest virtual RPG tabletop around? Then we have great news for you! The quick-start rules for Shadowrun, Sixth World are now available on Roll20. They include all the rules you need to know to get a taste of the system, five pre-generated characters, and cards featuring gear, spells, and more used by the characters, all ready to use in the Roll20 system. 

Best of all is the price—it’s free! You can add all the materials from the quick-start compendium and start playing!

This is only the first step of Shadowrun integration with Roll20. Coming soon will be the Battle Royale addition to the quick-start rules, providing an introductory adventure. Like those rules, it will be offered for free. The full Shadowrun, Sixth World rulebook will be available not long after that, and other key rulebooks such as Firing Squad and Street Wyrd will follow. We’re also planning tokens and other options to enhance your Shadowrun, Sixth World experience on Roll20. Between print and Roll20 releases, we look forward to continuing to add new options for Shadowrun, Sixth World for years to come!

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