Mega release day! Four new Shadowrun releases, including the core Matrix book!

We have a wide range of great Shadowrun books going on sale today! Whether you want new Matrix tools, guides to unusual archetypes, a great selection of Shadowrun art, or a Shadowrun calendar, we have you covered! Let’s look at all the things now available.

First, there’s Hack & Slash, the core Matrix book for Shadowrun, Sixth World (Catalyst shop, DriveThru). Whether you’re playing a decker, a technomancer, or just someone using a commlink, this book provides useful tools for you, from gear to qualities to Matrix Actions! Here’s a little more info:

The Largest Frontier

Digital cowpokes, bit jockeys, and light riders will all tell you that the Matrix is the last bastion of freedom in the world, the only place where you can go toe to toe with the most powerful people around and have a chance of taking them down. It’s the last frontier, the Wild West, the great wide open.

It may be open, but it’s far from empty. Artificial intelligences, protosapient creatures, hacker groups, technomancer unions, secret data stores, and more are out there. It’s up to intrepid hackers to collect the best tools they can and see what they can discover and what connections they can make.. All the while, they should remember that a place of freedom in the Sixth World doesn’t need to be conquered—it needs to be preserved.

Hack & Slash is the core Matrix rulebook for Shadowrun, Sixth World.


Next up is Shadow Cast (Catalyst shop, DriveThru). The Sixth World hosts a wide variety of people, and this book dives into that variety.

Strong Characters

Shadowrunners come in all shapes, sizes, and skill sets. Some of them do things you immediately know will be useful. For others—well, let’s say their usefulness sometimes sneaks up on you.

Shadow Cast embraces the full range of Shadowrun characters and invites you to do the same. It explores twenty different character archetypes, looking at how each type does its work in the Sixth World, what their backgrounds might be, and what they’ll do. It also has qualities for each archetype and a little advice on how to play them.

Whether you’re playing Shadowrun or running the game, Shadow Cast has useful tools and rules for you. Shadow Cast is a Runner Resource book for Shadowrun, Sixth World.


Also available today is the fantastic Shadowrun Art Portfolio (Catalyst shop). A while back, we collected votes on some of your favorite Shadowrun images of all time, and those pictures and many others are in the portfolio. The poster-sized pages are easily removable from the book and are printed on heavy cardstock, meaning your favorite space can quickly be filled with Shadowrun art!

Artportfolio3dcover 960x

And finally, we have the Shadowrun calendar (Catalyst shop). Covering the rest of 2022 and all of 2023, each calendar page has a Shadowrun map and accompanying brief adventure. Convention dates and some critical dates from Shadowrun history are also pre-printed on the pages! Keep track of time in the present with the cyberpunk calendar of the future!