Neo-Tokyo Mission arc concludes with SRM 09-06: Seven Breaths!

The latest Shadowrun Mission is here [Catalyst shop, DriveThru], and it brings the current Neo-Tokyo arc to a conclusion! It brings plenty of chaos and tough decisions, so let’s dive into the plot description!

Grand Finale

You always get the most fireworks at the end of the show, and that’s the case for the Neo-Tokyo arc of Shadowrun Missions. The conflict between Yakuza factions comes to a head, and the PCs can play a key role in ending it—or escalating it. They’re given a list of names to take out. Do they do it? Who do they go after first? How far are they willing to go? These and other questions will change the face of Neo-Tokyo—and could alter the shadowrunners’ lives forever.

SRM 09-06 Seven Breaths is a Shadowrun Mission that concludes the Neo-Tokyo arc and can be used with either Shadowrun, Sixth World or Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.