Edge Zone, upgraded Shadowrun card game, coming soon to Kickstarter!

Well, chummers, it’s been a long time coming. 

For over thirty years, Shadowrun has captured the imaginations of millions around the world through tabletop RPGs, video games, board games, novels… and even a trading card game. 

Originally released in the ’90s, that game is coming out of retirement and is ready to run. 

Get ready for Shadowrun: Edge Zone—The Upgradable Card Game. We’ve updated the graphics, installed some new art, and tweaked a few game elements here and there, and we’re getting it ready for re-release!

Edge Zone will come in two boxes, the Magic deck and the Mayhem deck, that let you choose your area of emphasis. You can build two decks and get playing with either box, or you can get both boxes to make your decks exactly the way you want them to be! Get your cards together, build a team of runners, and make sure they have all the right gear and skills. Once you have your team assembled, you’ll take them on runs and face some of the fiercest obstacles the Sixth World has to offer. Be the first to meet the Karma goals for the game, and you win!

So, runners, watch your commlinks and contact your fixers. September 20th, Shadowrun: Edge Zone is coming to Kickstarter.  Follow along at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cgl/shadowrun-edge-zone to be notified the moment we Launch.