New Mission Released! Continue the adventure in Neo-Tokyo!

The Neo-Tokyo season of Missions continues with Violent Shadows (Catalyst shop, DriveThruRPG)! Here are the basics:

Confused Kidnapping

If you’re hired to deal with a kidnapping, it should be straightforward—someone is missing, and you should get them back. But if the kidnappers took the wrong person, and then corporate intrigue gets twisted up in the rescue, you have an unusual run and some shadowrunners trying to not get entangled in too many complexities. With competing suits, rampaging gang members, and hidden smugglers, this mission has plenty of obstacles to keep players on their toes!

SRM 09-05 Violent Shadows is dual-statted for use with both Shadowrun, Fifth Edition and Shadowrun, Sixth World.

Srm 09 05 Cover