New campaign book, The Third Parallel, looks at all of Shadowrun’s realities

Shadowrun is the game where man and machine meet magic, and the new campaign book The Third Parallel (Catalyst store, DriveThruRPG) is about how these different realities run next to each other–and occasionally intersect. Runner teams are familiar with having to watch the meat world, the Matrix, and the manasphere all at the same time, so this isn’t news to them. What will be new is the schemes being hatched about ways to make them overlap more–and how that might affect the manasphere and the world beyond. Here’s a little more info:

All Lined Up

Your eyes have to be everywhere. In front. In back. On the Matrix. On the astral. Threats come from every possible direction and dimension, and runners who don’t keep an eye on every possible danger end up falling to the one they neglected.

The threats are lined up in Denver, a city ruled by a dragon and home to one of the greatest outlaw tech archives in the world. Shadows are aligning and plots are fomenting, and shadowrunners have the chance to learn what’s happening in enough time to make some nuyen and save a few lives—including their own.

The Third Parallel is a campaign book for use with Shadowrun, Sixth World.