It’s a Great Day to Visit Shadowrun’s Emerald City! Plus, New Location Cards Available!

As many people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with various shades of green, we have a very special green-tinted book–Emerald City (Catalyst shop, DriveThruRPG), the Seattle location book for Shadowrun, Sixth World! With a profile of each of the city’s districts, including notable people and places, and qualities for characters who might come from those areas, this is a critical resource to see how the newly free city of Seattle is handling itself. Here’s a little more info:

The Shadow Capital

Join spies, smugglers, liars, cheats, killers, thieves, rebels, anarchists, gangers, thugs, hoods, outlaws, low-lifes, hackers, con artists, hustlers, and more as they gather and try to climb to the summit of the shadowrunning world. In Seattle, the gold glitters brighter and the dungeons are darker, meaning the shadows in between are the widest and most intense in the world

As a newly free city, Seattle hovers lightly over a pit of ravening wolves, saved only by the fact that as much as one wolf would love to devour the sprawl whole, they equally don’t want any of their competitors to get it. Maintaining that balance is the core desire of city leaders; undoing it has become the obsession of the city’s enemies. Whether shadowrunners decide to pick a side or just play all sides against each other, there is plenty of work to be done and danger to avoid, all while showing they can run the shadows with the best of them.

Emerald City is a sourcebook for Shadowrun, Sixth World.



Along with Emerald City, we have a new deck of cards called Shadow Points (Catalyst shop). This deck features information on locations such as a cubicle farm, corporate skyraker, or police station, detailing entrances, security, plot hooks, and more. These locations can be dropped into any city, making it easy to take players through a wide range of locations at a moment’s notice. Each card also has an illustration of the building, with some parts cutaway to let you see the interior.