New PDFs to Brighten Your January!

It’s January! The Kechibi Code should be appearing in stores, the print edition of Shadowrun, Sixth World, City Edition: Seattle should hit stores next month, and we have two new PDFs for you! First up is the next PDF in the Shadow Stock series, which provides NPCs and other useful rules built around a theme. The PDF is called Lofwyr’s Legions (Catalyst shop, DriveThruRPG), and the theme is drakes. With new rules, NPCs, and qualities, it has everything you need to put drakes in your Shadowrun, Sixth World game. Here is a little more info:

Shadowrunners know that the most dangerous position to have in the Sixth World is being perceived as a threat by the powerful. Drakes are the perfect example—their power is considerable, which means they almost always have someone after them. They often end up seeking protection by serving dragons and doing their bidding—which means they represent dragons’ interests in the shadows. Runners need to know about drakes, because they could mess up their lives in short order. Or, if they’re lucky, become one of the greatest friends or even teammates a runner could have.

Lofwyr’s Legions offers short fiction, NPCs, character qualities, and rules for involving drakes in your Shadowrun, Sixth World game.

Lofwyrslegionscover 1

The latest Mission is the next in the Neo-Tokyo series, and it’s called Learning Little from Victory (Catalyst shop, DriveThruRPG). Politics and chaos are on tap, so get ready for both to flow freely! Here are more details:

When the Yakuza decide to get involved with local politics, what could go wrong? Shadowrunners in Neo-Tokyo are about to find out. Runners are going to be asked to influence the election, and they’ll have to deal with the candidates, their backers, and anyone else who wants things to go their way. They’ll have plenty of obstacles to overcome and decisions to make—are they just going to work for pay, or will they try to get the right person into office? Assuming they can decide who that is.

SRM 09-03 Learning Little from Victory is a Mission that can be used with both Shadowrun, Fifth Edition and Shadowrun, Sixth World.