Shadowrun releases to suit how you play!

We hope all of you reading this will have some relaxation time as the year winds to an end, and we hope that will include gaming! To help you out, we have three Shadowrun releases that cover a variety of ways of playing Shadowrun!

First, we have the next plot book for Shadowrun, Sixth World. It’s called The Kechibi Code (Catalyst store, DriveThruRPG), and it’s a globe-trotting series of events centered around some Matrix code that everyone wants to get their hands on. What does it do, and how can it be used? You’ll have to read the book to find out! Here are a few more details:

What Will You Do?

The power to shake cities, nations, even corporations is out there, contained in a compact code. What would you do if you could control it? Wield it? Or destroy it? Where would you direct the power? Who would you save, and who would you doom?

Shadowrunners are used to reacting and surviving. The larger choices, things like the flow of billions of nuyen, or shifts in the highest levels of power, are usually out of their grasp.

But not this time. What will you do if you finally manage to grab it?

The Kechibi Code is a plot sourcebook for Shadowrun, Sixth World.

Kechibi Code cover

Next, we have a brand-new sourcebook for Shadowrun: Anarchy called Anarchy 2050 (Catalyst store, DriveThruRPG). This book takes you back to the early days of Shadowrun, letting you use Anarchy rules in the 2050 setting and running through some of the classic adventures. Here’s the rundown:

Play the Hits

Harlequin. Maria Mercurial. Jetblack. Dunkelzahn. The Universal Brotherhood.

These are some of the defining names of Shadowrun lore, the classics that shaped an enduring game universe. Now, for the first time, they’ve been brought to the fast-moving game rules of Shadowrun: Anarchy. With new character archetypes, shadow amps, world information, and a whole bunch of contract briefs, Anarchy 2050 gives you what you need to play classic adventures in a new way. Get ready to get caught in the middle of intrigue, deception, gang warfare, political assassinations, and more as your team of runners tries to survive and maybe bring a little light into the shadows.

Anarchy 2050 is for use with Shadowrun: Anarchy.


And finally, we have the newest mission in the Shadowrun Missions series, Finders Keepers (Catalyst store, DriveThruRPG), continuing the work in Neo-Tokyo. What’s the plot? Glad you asked!

The Hunt Is On

What’s more fun than a treasure hunt? When a man with Yakuza connections needs to recover an important family heirloom, he turns to the shadows for help, and runners will have to put some effort into following the item’s trail. It won’t be a simple job—when is it ever?—but runners have the chance to bound across Neo-Tokyo to make sure they find the needed object—and try to get it to end up in the right hands.

SRM 09-02 Finders Keepers is a Mission that can be used with both Shadowrun, Fifth Edition and Shadowrun, Sixth World.

Srm 09 02 Cover