Double Clutch is now out! Have fun, riggers!

We did a couple of previews for Double Clutch, the core rigger rulebook for Shadowrun, Sixth World, and now the book is out (Catalyst, DriveThru)! Order in PDF or print, and gain access to a bunch of rigging toys, including vehicle and drone customization, and the ability to build your own vehicles and drones! Here’s the rundown:

Jump In

In the Sixth World, you can go from home to work to stores and back home again without touching a steering wheel or pushing a pedal, letting your vehicle and the networks it is hooked into do all your driving for you.

But why would you want to do that?

The accelerating jump of a vehicle when the clutch engages at just the right point, the smell of burning rubber, the sound of a thrumming engine that you can feel in the back of your sternum—those are the sort of things riggers live for—the sort of things they get when jump in to the right vehicle, tuned exactly the way they want it.

Double Clutch gives riggers a host of new options, including all sorts of vehicles and drones, as well as rules for customizing vehicles, making their own vehicles, and customizing their character to be the best rigger around. Everything they want is here.

Double Clutch is the core rigging rulebook for Shadowrun, Sixth World.

Also out now, to accompany Double Clutch, is the Rides Deck (Catalyst, DriveThru)! In the tradition of Gun Rack and Mobile Grimoire, the card decks of weapons and spells, the Rides Deck provides game stats for more than 50 drones and vehicles, making them easy to reference as you play!

And one more thing–the Johnson ‘Dex, which we previously released in physical form, is now available in PDF (Catalyst, DriveThru)!