Johnson ‘Dex Available Now! Dial Up a New Mr. Johnson

If you’re a shadowrunner looking for work, or if a job is coming down the pike and someone needs to field it, you need a Mr. Johnson. If plot twists are coming but you need to know which way they are going to spin, then you need a Mr. Johnson with some secret motives. And if you want someone to pay you do the thing you want to do, then you need a Mr. Johnson with connections to funds.

For all the time you need Mr. Johnson to start a run or to shake one up, the Johnson ’Dex is here. The print version is available now (Catalyst store), and we hope to have a PDF version soon. Here’s a little more info:

Power Players

You love them, you hate them. They hire you, they try to kill you. Shadowrunners have a complicated relationship with the Mr. Johnsons of the Sixth World, but they’re a critical part of the work. Knowing their quirks, their ways of working, and what they can do for you can make the job smoother, and this deck has the information with you need—profiles of almost 20 Mr. Johnsons, with stats, background, plot hooks, and more. Whether you’re fitting them into the pockets of your gamemaster screen or laying your cards on the tale, this has useful info for your Shadowrun game.

Johnson ‘Dex is for use with Shadowrun, Sixth World.