Hit the Streets with Shadowrun, Sixth World: City Edition and Improved Dice Roller App!

The Sixth World is defined by the city streets on which shadowrunners live and die, by the cold steel buildings that embrace them. The cities of the Sixth World are bold, bright, and deadly, and we’re celebrating them with a new reprint of Shadowrun, Sixth World.

The “City Edition: Seattle” of the Shadowrun, Sixth World core rules includes the latest errata and updates, as well as a special section of game material focused on running in Seattle, including city-specific qualities and plot hooks. It also has new cover art and fold-out pages highlighting the shadowrunning capital of the Sixth World.

Could other cities, such as Hong Kong, Berlin, and Neo-Tokyo, get their own city editions? We’ll see!

The PDF version of Shadowrun, Sixth World – City Edition: Seattle is available now from the Catalyst Game Labs store [Link] and DriveThruRPG [Link]. (Customers who previously purchased Shadowrun, Sixth World will be upgraded to the City Edition: Seattle PDF at no charge.) In addition, a highly limited number of copies of City Edition: Seattle will be at Gen Con later this week. The print version of the book will go on sale in the coming months.

Also available today, the gorgeous Shadowrun Dice Roller has been updated! It now includes Edge functionality, so you can quickly re-roll any misses and make your sixes explode! Be sure to upgrade your game with this essential aid, now better than ever!