Shadowrun Summer Spectacular arrives!

As gaming groups around the country (and around the world!) start coalescing once again, Catalyst Game Labs is pleased to announce one of our biggest promotions ever: the Sixth World Summer Spectacular!

Switch to the new and exciting Sixth World rules set from any previous edition, or use it as your first taste of Shadowrun action. If you’re already playing Shadowrun, Sixth World, you can use this Spectacular to fill out your collection. The Sixth World Core Rulebook will be put on sale at $40 for the entire month of July, and the Summer Spectacular code (provided below) will give you an additional 25% off this and other great Sixth World products. The full list included in the summer sale:

Sixth World Core Rulebook
Sixth World Limited Edition
Sixth World Executive Edition
Sixth World Beginner Box
GameMaster’s Screen
World of Shadows Anthology
Firing Squad (Combat Rulebook)
Gun Rack (Weapons Deck)“Sledge” Limited Edition Statue
Secrets of Power Trilogy
Street Wyrd (Magic Rulebook)
Mobile Grimoire (Spell Deck)Dice & Edge Tokens
Cutting Black
30 Nights
Power Plays
Rogues’ Gallery (NPC Deck)
Prime Runner Miniatures
No Future
The Neo-Anarchist Streetpedia
Sixth World Tarot (Arcanist Edition)
Collapsing Now
Slip Streams
High Rollers (Corp Dice)

We’ve never run a sale this good, and likely will not do so again. Here is the code you can use at checkout to get your additional 25% discount:


This Spectacular focuses on physical books. All products are offered on a “while supplies last” basis. If the physical book has sold out, or does sell out, only then will the PDF version be included in the Spectacular. For a product like the World of Shadows anthology, which has no regular physical edition, only the PDF version is offered in the Spectacular. Discount codes may not be used in conjunction with any other special codes on the Catalyst Game Labs store.

Recent Purchases
Some of you may have made a recent purchase on the Catalyst Game Labs store. We are sorry we couldn’t announce the Spectacular any sooner. To help you out, we will be sending a $10 Gift Code to anyone who has purchased a Shadowrun physical book in the past 30 days. (This gift code may not be used in conjunction with the Summer Spectacular discount code.)

Catalyst invites all retailers to participate in the Summer Spectacular. Special considerations have been made with participating distributors allowing you to restock these same products (while supplies last) at the same 25% Discount. If your distributor has any issues, Catalyst will restock you directly at 25% off a regular wholesale price. Call your local distributor or email Catalyst at, subject “Summer Spectacular.”

You can also download graphics for a Sixth World Summer Spectacular shelf talker and POP sign at this link.