Shadowrun, Sixth World PDF and Pre-Order Are Here!

The latest edition of Shadowrun is now available to everyone! With faster, streamlined gameplay and new twists on the rules, it offers a different way to dive into the shadows while still providing tons of gameplay options and the large handfuls of D6s that have always been a part of Shadowrun. You can buy the PDF and pre-order the print version on the Catalyst web store, or you can get the PDF on DriveThruRPG, but that’s only the start of things that are going on sale! Also available are:

  • Shadowrun, Sixth World limited edition
  • Shadowrun, Sixth World Executive Edition (webstore exclusive!)
  • Shadowrun Dice & Edge Tokens
  • Shadowrun Primer Runner Miniatures

Dice and Edge tokens are a great accompaniment to Shadowrun, Sixth Edition, making game play easier while complementing the look and style of SR6, while the minis bring your run to three-dimensional life! More information—and pictures—is available on the pages for each item. Those last two are already in the warehouse, so shipping should happen once you order!

We’d love to share more information about the new edition, but why not see what others have to say? GeeksAGogo just posted a detailed review, so take a look at that!

Now let’s cover a few quick questions:

When will the print version be available?

While transportation and other delays are always possible, it looks like it will hit stores in early October. Our distributor will start shipping to stores and pre-orders as soon as they have copies on hand!

I received a code to download the PDF when I purchased the book at Gen Con. Will it still work?

Yes! It should work until the end of August. If it doesn’t, please contact us at

Does the PDF include the errata released on this website?